JR ZerkowskiFrom the Fortunate Families Board President:

We are delighted to announce that Fortunate Families has hired Stanley Francis "JR" Zerkowski as its first Executive Director.

Although JR, as he prefers to be called, will be working part-time and won't "officially" begin his role as Executive Director until January 3, he has already spent countless unpaid hours reviewing materials and making suggestions, recommendations and plans that will make Fortunate Families a more vibrant, meaningful and influential organization.

If you follow Fortunate Families on Facebook, you have already seen many of JR's posts. If you don't follow Fortunate Families, take a look.

JR comes to us as a proven advocate of diversity outreach with a passion for helping to begin the conversation.

You will be hearing more about, and from, JR in the near future. In the meantime, please help us welcome JR to our “fortunate family."

Despite theoretically slowing down over the summer months, Pope Francis remains one of those figures basically incapable of "down time." Among other things, he seems to be catching up on correspondence, including sending encouraging notes to an Argentine nun who ministers to transgender women in the pope's native country.